Sunday, July 24, 2011

Design of a Recreational centre

Who are the users of the recreation center?
People of all ages can use this recreation center.

What are the needs of the user?
They would need a place to R&R and can allow the users to rent the halls for lounge activities over a period of time.

How do you think you can attract people to the recreation center? What are the factors of considerations?
Good cafeterias and facilities, like indoor pools, dance and art studios, discussions rooms for people to do projects and a small library for people to study in peace.
How would you make use of the space to build the recreation center and why?
We would maximize the usage of the land by building a 3-4 storey building right to the edge of the land. There will be a entrance right at the front linking to the underground car park. The cafeteria would be at the first floor library at the top floor

What we have?
Library, Swimming Pool, Cafeteria, Carpark, Basketball Court, Arts and Dance Studio, Discussion Rooms, Internet Cafe*

Done By : Darryl, Idris, Lionel and Yuzhe

*Might Have


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